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Россия, Красноярск, ул. Ястынская, 33 Россия, Красноярск, ул. Ястынская, 33
+7 391 205-05-87 +7 391 205-05-87
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The wind tunnel is a technical device, the sensations of which resemble a parachute jump. Thanks to the powerful air flow, which moves from a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, a person literally hovers in the air. Before you go on a flight, each participant undergoes a detailed briefing: you will learn how to manage your body in a state of weightlessness after having overseen in special overalls. It’s easy to fly in a pipe, a person realizes it instinctively. In two minutes of flight, you begin to feel your body in the stream of air and learn to control it, and after 6 minutes you can even perform more complex movements and maneuvers. By the way, photo and video equipment is installed inside the pipe; within ten days you will be able to receive photos that will fix your emotions from the flight. Be sure to have a passport with you, children under 18 years old are allowed only when accompanied by a representative.
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