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In the direction of Krasnoyarsk-Emelyanovo, before reaching a couple of kilometers from the village, turn right in the direction of Deny, and now you are on the “Red Ring”. Everything that you can imagine is possible here! Want to learn extreme driving? School extreme drivers waiting for you on summer and winter lessons. You will learn how to properly handle the steering wheel, gearbox and pedals, you can feel the car and merge with it into one. Want to teach a child to drive? Children's school invites young car enthusiasts to their first classes. Do you like to ride auto maps? The Red Ring offers two types of cards for rent for practicing speed skills on a small ring and a special track. Do you want everything at once? No problem! Holders of the “Red Ring” club cards are provided with a full range of services, many of which are offered a substantial discount. You will also receive a pass to the VIP area of ​​the Pit-Stop bar, where you can also invite a couple of guests. There will be no queues for you to exit on the track, the parking of the Red Ring is always open and access to the observation deck during the competition. But even without becoming a member of the "Drive Club", you have the opportunity to ride with the wind on the race track. The territory of the KGT, by the way, can be rented for holding any events, be it a thematic corporate party or a personal test drive. Even those who do not have a driver's license, can feel the adrenaline in the blood, comfortably sitting in the passenger seat of the Drift-Ring-Taxi.
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