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Россия, Барнаул, пр. Ленина, 29 Россия, Барнаул, пр. Ленина, 29
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The base is located in the Onguday region of the Altai Republic. The main difference from all tourist complexes in Altai is that the base is located on the top of the Seminsky Pass, in a picturesque cedar forest.    It is here that you are convinced that such a truly clean mountain air is filled with the aromas of centuries-old cedars, which is so useful to city dwellers. The magnificent alpine nature of the Altai Mountains leaves an unforgettable impression.    In winter, there are all conditions for skiing and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles, sledges and kites. In the summer, you can take one-day and longer excursions around the Seminsky Pass. In a large company of colleagues or friends, in the format of a corporate departure or just outdoor recreation. The recreation center "Dynamo" accommodates up to 70 people and guarantees everyone comfort, warmth and comfort. For general gatherings, a large banquet room is provided, where, according to your wishes, both trainings and seminars, as well as noisy discotheque parties can be held. The program of rest also includes various excursions and walks. All this is not just a great vacation, but also an opportunity to rally the team. For lovers of active skiing there is everything: rental of skis and snowboards, 3 tracks, up to 1,300 meters long, rope tow, skating rink, snowmobile excursions. And you can relax after an active day in the common room at a party organized especially for you. In the family circle - quiet and peaceful. Walks in the cedar forest, sledding, excursions on snowmobiles and banana, skiing. All this will give all family members a good mood and a charge of cheerfulness. You can also spend time with benefit and get training in skiing and snowboarding.
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