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Россия, Красноярск, Остров Молокова, 1 Россия, Красноярск, Остров Молокова, 1
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The Siberian Division is the largest paintball club in the Urals with several venues throughout the city. For those looking for a realistic, safe and comfortable game, the club team has thought through every detail. In the arsenal of constantly updated safe equipment, so customers enjoy playing in it. Platforms, arrangement of fields amaze and do not leave indifferent. An abandoned airport, a three-story building, sniper towers, trenches, semi-automatic weapons and grenades - all this allows you to feel a real military scale. For all those who are afraid of winter frosts, the club has a great alternative to playing in the open air - a fight in a real bomb shelter. There is where to roam: capacity from 10 to 26 people, an area of ​​2000 square meters, huge iron doors, long corridors and gloomy rooms. The temperature never drops below + 10-15 degrees. How about a paintball game in the city center? Yes Easy! One of the club grounds is located among the picturesque nature of Molokov Island on the bank of the Yenisei in the very center of the city. Exit paintball - another "feature" of the club. If you have a playground, the Siberian Division will bring more than 30 inflatable figures at the appointed place and time, prepare the place and provide the necessary outfit. Low prices and free bonuses for playing are added to all the advantages of the club: gazebo, volleyball court, barbecues and hot tea. So while you are playing, your family can enjoy outdoor recreation.
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