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на территории отеля Hilton Plaza на территории отеля Hilton Plaza
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The North Wind station at the Hilton Plaza hotel is probably the most pleasant place in Hurghada where you can take windsurfing lessons. 11 years ago, the school was founded by St. Petersburg-born Sergey Chuprov (or simply Chuper), well-known among extreme lovers, the author of numerous textbooks and an ardent “promoter” of this sport to the masses. The station is located not on the shore of a pretty lagoon in which it is convenient to take the first lessons to beginners: there are no waves here, but almost always a good wind blows. You can study individually or in a group (the first option is more interesting, the second is cheaper). The scheme is usually the following: for the first three days you study with an instructor, after which you gain experience in the lagoon yourself, renting a board with a sail for the number of hours you need. You can have a rest during classes right at the station, drinking green tea in a chill out or sunbathing on a sun bed. Almost all students are Russian-speaking (Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians), so the local “bins” often reveal fat and dried vobla brought in as guests. At least once a week, there are parties at school — something like “baptism of newbies” when you need to share a funny story about yourself and then demonstrate the ability to keep balance while dancing on the table. issue price Individual course for beginners (three classes for one hour) will cost 100 euros, including equipment rental and wetsuit. A more advanced course (eight lessons of one hour with the opportunity to pass an exam and get a diploma of windsurfing entry level) - 160 euros.
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