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We invite you to take part in a hike on a well-designed and tested program, including good acclimatization and winter ascent to the western peak of Mount Elbrus (5642 meters). The program is available for the usual level of physical training, backpacks are not heavy. We will visit the heart of the Caucasus among the picturesque winter nature and majestic panoramas of the snow-covered Main Caucasus Range. This is a great event - to visit the highest point of Russia and Europe. For the successful achievement by all the participants of the summit of Elbrus, two main points are important: correct acclimatization - and our program has 7 days to do this; and the ability to endure extremely low temperatures (up to -40) during the ascent - this will help 5-day trekking in the gorge Adyr-su and well-chosen equipment. Three days are allotted for the ascent: one main and two spare. We offer full service: the cost of our tours to Elbrus includes all transfers (and not only local), accommodation (and not assistance in booking hotels) in comfortable hotels (and not in frozen tents), full 3 meals a day during the ascent , including services of the cook and porters for lifting food and public equipment (and not advice on self-purchase of products and their further preparation).
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