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респ Саха /Якутия/, Оймяконский улус, село Агаякан респ Саха /Якутия/, Оймяконский улус, село Агаякан
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About this interesting and mysterious lake of Yakutia there are a lot of unusual legends and legends connected with “Labynkyrsky devil”. But the lake is also interesting for its fishing, especially for pike and burbot, which grow here to unprecedented size. The lake is located in the Oimyakon district of Yakutia. It is difficult to get here, but for any angler who has fallen on the shores of Labynkyr, this will be a real discovery. The main fish that lives in the waters of this lake and which can be successfully caught there are pike, grayling, burbot, whitefish, lenok, char, malma and some other species. The fishermen who visited this lake tell me that pike and burbot there are extremely large, and catching this fish is a real pleasure.
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