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Республика Крым, Алушта, Набережная улица Республика Крым, Алушта, Набережная улица
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The water park of the Almond Grove complex in Alushta is a real miracle of landscape design. The people who created it, put their soul into every piece of man-made rocks, every bend of paved paths. The lush crowns of trees, the tumult of exotic herbs create an amazing feeling of merging with nature, with the mysterious world. Water park covers an area of ​​2 hectares. The water park includes 6 swimming pools, 14 water slides, 4 platforms for descent from the slides, a solarium platform, and a VIP area. As well as waterfalls, fountains, jacuzzi, canals over, and other attractions. On the territory there is a studio-bar "Dolphin", children's cafe "Vitamin", fast food, luggage storage, safes for valuables, changing rooms, showers, toilets, medical center. The water park uses modern technologies of preparation, pre-treatment and heating of water for swimming pools and attractions.
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