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Амурская обл., Свободненский р-н, ЗАТО «Углегорск» Амурская обл., Свободненский р-н, ЗАТО «Углегорск»
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The Federal Space Agency Roskosmos donated a unique exhibit to the Amur residents - the descent vehicle Soyuz TMA-07M, on which the crew landed, which included Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko. It was the crew of Roman Romanenko, flying over the territory of the Amur region, congratulated the people of Amur region on the New Year. This is a real vehicle, which flew to the station in the normal automatic mode, stayed there for five months, then entered the dense layers of the atmosphere, where it was burned, and landed. Traditionally, after the landing of spacecraft, what is left of them is sent to the warehouse. Therefore, this exhibit - a kind of exclusive. The place of the capsule is the square where the monument to Yuri Gagarin was erected earlier. Tourist portal of the Amur region / www.amurvisit.ru
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