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To get a charge of vital energy, feel free to choose an active holiday in Turkey and in particular in Kemer. One of the types of recreation is cycling. It gives excellent physical exertion and allows you to explore the surroundings at your chosen pace. As a rule, bicycle rental is now available at any self-respecting resort, but you can bring your bike with you. Among the resorts in Turkey one of the most suitable for bicycle tours is Antalya. Bicycles in Antalya are often used simply for trips around the city. Often here you can find offers to participate in a cycling tour. As a rule, the routes of these tours run along the roads of the Taurus Mountains. By prior arrangement, tourists are taken directly from their hotels and taken to the starting point of the tour. Bicycle, helmet and gloves are issued. In addition, lunch and insurance are provided to cyclists. After the walk, vacationers are transported back to the hotels. It is believed that in the vicinity of Antalya there are some of the best cycling routes in the whole of southern Turkey, therefore, going there in the company of such a vehicle as a bike, you are guaranteed to get a lot of impressions and positive emotions.
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