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Турция, Анталия, Cumhuriyet Cd. Турция, Анталия, Cumhuriyet Cd.
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Compared with other structures of Antalya, the clock tower of Saat Kulesi is considered one of the youngest. It was built on the border of the XIX-XX centuries. In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid, the German emperor Wilhelm II presented him with a batch of facade clocks. It was after this that watch towers appeared in several cities of Turkey. The construction of Saat Kulesi was completed in 1901. Historians today argue about the purpose of this tower. Some say that the building was specially built to install a clock in the central part of the city. The watch tower has retained its original appearance to the present day. The exception is the dome, which once adorned the top of Saat Kulesi. After a strong hurricane, it was replaced with teeth. The tower is a two-tier structure. The first tier, 8 meters high, is made of rough, unhewn stone and has the shape of a pentagon. The upper part of the tower contrasts with it, it has four corners, the builders used smooth, processed stone as the material. An iron pole was preserved on the north side of the tower, once the bodies of those executed on display were hung up on all the citizens. The tower clock itself was originally decorated with figures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, they were removed only in 1974.
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