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респ Калмыкия, Черноземельский р-н, поселок Артезиан респ Калмыкия, Черноземельский р-н, поселок Артезиан
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In Kalmykia, in the area of ​​the city of Lagan, there are vast areas of flowering pink lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), also known as the Indian lotus, the Sacred lotus or the nut-bearing lotus. The nut-bearing lotus is the rarest species of this plant. This flower amazes with its size and wonderful aroma. It originates in the mud and blooms only a few days. A torn bud fades literally before our eyes, so it is useless to pluck it. In addition, prohibited by law - the plant is listed in the Red Book of Russia. In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of purity. According to legend, where the young Buddha walked, beautiful lotus flowers grew. Born in muddy water, it always remains dry, clean and radiates freshness. This is facilitated by the special structure of its petals and leaves: they can repel water and dirt and self-clean. Water is collected in drops and drains, while collecting from the sheet everything that can contaminate it, even glue and paint. An interesting Kalmyk tale tells how the sacred lotus appeared on the Volga. Beauty Erle promised the unwanted bridegroom to marry him only when he brought her the most beautiful flower in the world. After a long search, Bembe reached India, where he saw an amazingly beautiful plant. The old priest warned the guy: he who plucks this flower will lose the most beautiful thing he has in life. The young man did not heed the warning, took the flower and went home. At this time, the beautiful Erle seriously ill. Having found out about this, Bembe hurried to the bride, thinking that she would definitely recover when he saw the beautiful plant. But as soon as he approached her tent with a lotus in her hands, the girl died. In memory of his beautiful beloved Bemba, he built a temple and planted this flower in the reed thickets of the mouth of the Volga. Since then, he has been growing there. Usually, the bloom of the “flower of the Buddha” lasts from the second half of July to mid-August. Thousands of tourists each year come to the Lagansky district of the Republic of Kalmykia for “peals” - places where the Volga flows into the Caspian Sea to admire the delicate pink, cream and white water lilies of the most beautiful flower in the world. Visiting lotus fields is by far the most popular type of corporate and family vacation in the republic.
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