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Car service

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Россия, Нальчик, ул. Северная, 3 Россия, Нальчик, ул. Северная, 3
+7 928 694-84-63 +7 928 694-84-63
+7 960 426-69-88 +7 960 426-69-88
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Eliminate breakdowns in any cars, quad bikes and snowmobiles. Preparing transport for tourism and fishing. Always quickly and efficiently, we are ready to provide the following services: diagnostics of any cars; tire fitting; tuning of any complexity; repair engine, gearbox, dveski; repair of petrol tools and motorcycles; body repair and painting; replacement of fluids; all types of welding. We firmly install winches, samobloki, snorkels, additional lighting. We make to order: power bumpers, thresholds, stairs; trunk; non-standard towbars. Also contact us: for the services of an electrician; re-equipment of the car with the provision of all documents and registration; purchase of spare parts; body polishing; professional dry cleaning of carpets and salon; complex car wash for 300 rubles.
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