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Car service

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Тула, Ханинский проезд, 11/2 Тула, Ханинский проезд, 11/2
+7 487 271-72-20 +7 487 271-72-20
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An official dealer took at exorbitant prices? Tired of driving a taxi for weeks waiting for (guaranteed) repair? We will conduct maintenance and any repairs according to the regulations (manufacturer) as soon as possible, warranty on spare parts and work! Repair of trucks, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. No queues. All in one: service stations and spare parts. New equipment for all brands of cars. Some of our services: tire service - from 800 p., Air conditioning refilling - 1000 p., Computer diagnostics - 400 p., Camber-out adjustment - from 1000 p., Replacement of tips, racks, supports - from 200 p., Engine repair, Automatic transmission, running gear, brake system, etc. Spare parts in stock and on order from 1 day: engine parts - from 30 p., Oils and lubricants - from 450 p., And much more.
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