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Car service

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Тула, Красноармейский проспект, 44Б Тула, Красноармейский проспект, 44Б
+7 910 153-19-93 +7 910 153-19-93
+7 915 686-19-06 +7 915 686-19-06
+7 910 589-99-99 +7 910 589-99-99
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Exit tire mounting, installation of low-profile tires and Run Flat tires (flat ride). It offers argon welding and obesshumka cars. Install: load; standard and chrome valve; tow - tire repair without removing the wheel; rim sealant. We will repair and replace tires (plaster, fungus), chambers, puncture, side cuts. For wheels - assembly, disassembly, balancing, removal, pumping, washing and storage. For discs - painting, sandblasting, editing steel and alloy wheels. Express replacement of oils, pads and suspension. Call to find out about all the services and prices.
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