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Car service

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Тула, Алексинское шоссе, 28 Тула, Алексинское шоссе, 28
+7 487 247-23-92 +7 487 247-23-92
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The technical center "Zarechye" is ready to offer its customers repair services for all the most popular car brands. On the vast territory there is the most modern equipment for carrying out any type of work upon the request of the customer, and highly qualified specialists are ready to cope with any task. In order to remain competitive in the niche of providing services for auto service, we follow several simple rules that distinguish our Autotechcenter from many others. First of all, we differ in affordable prices for the whole range of our services - from changing the engine oil to computer breakdown. It is easy to be convinced of it, having compared other car services and the prices of the works carried out by them with the price list of our technical center. Our Autotechcenter specializes in servicing brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, as well as Lexus, Honda and Nissan. All these brands are respected by motorists around the world, who value them for their reliability, beauty and respectability. In addition, we are engaged in domestic cars. Car service offers its customers cheap to carry out work on oil change, tire fitting and wheel balancing, suspension diagnostics, engine repair, timing belt replacement, computer engine diagnostics, repair and adjustment of fuel systems, wheel alignment, car painting or just replacing brake pads. In addition, we carry out work on the pre-sale preparation of the machine and tuning. The technical center "District" has all the necessary equipment for carrying out these works. On the territory of the car service in the locksmith's shop, there are lifts for body repair, a special stand for changing oil. In the bodywork shop there is a painting area, a system for measuring body test points and a car wash.
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