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Московская обл, г Балашиха Московская обл, г Балашиха
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Favorite vacation spot Balashikha. Baboshkino - a lake of glacial origin, surrounded by a lowland marsh, the area of ​​which exceeds the area of ​​the lake itself. Due to waterlogging, the depth near the shore immediately reaches 1.5–2 meters. To provide more convenient access to the water on the south side of the lake there is a pier that rises 1 meter above the surface of the lake. For smooth descent into the water and lifting back to the flooring installed ladders. On opposite sides of the main flooring, locker rooms are located. In addition to the pier, on the southern shore of the lake there is a beach with grass and sand cover. In 2015, the improvement of the beach area was carried out: the pier was restored, a rescue tower and small architectural forms, lighting poles were installed, a beach area and asphalt covering were installed to approach them, volleyball and children's playgrounds, bicycle parking lots, places for organizing summer trade in soft drinks, installed additional benches, locker rooms.
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