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Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, Змеиногорский тракт, 36 Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, Змеиногорский тракт, 36
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The ski track appeared in 2006; the width of the route is six meters, the length is 25 kilometers. It passes close to the main ski bases, starting and ending at Dynamo (the farthest point of the route is the Forester's Lodge near the Lebyazhye railway station). Bridges were built at the intersection of the route with the gas pipeline, the Forest Road and the Lentochny Bor highway. Every year, in honor of the opening of the winter track, parties are organized with refreshments, entertainment and contests. All sportsmen who appear on holidays at this ski resort are awarded prizes. In winter, there are six recreation areas with free hot tea at the Health Track. Over the weekend, 10 to 15 thousand people are skiing along it. During the warm season, cyclists ply on the Health Track, amateur cycling races and charity marathons are held.
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