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Алтайский край, г Барнаул, Красноармейский пр-кт Алтайский край, г Барнаул, Красноармейский пр-кт
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The Demidov Pillar is an obelisk erected in honor of the centenary of mining in the Altai. It was laid in the center of Demidov Square on June 18, 1825 and finally installed in 1839. The obelisk in honor of the victories of Count PA became the prototype of the Demidov pillar. Rumyantsev. It was installed at the end of the XVIII century in St. Petersburg on Vasilyevsky Island. But unlike him and all the other obelisks of the time, the Demidov pillar is dedicated to labor, and not to military victories. It is one of the few monuments in Russia that perpetuated the name of Akinfy Demidov, as well as the establishment and development of mining in Altai, which in the 18th and 19th centuries provided the treasury of the Russian Empire with silver.
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