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Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, пр-кт. Комсомольский Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, пр-кт. Комсомольский
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Bomber Yakovlev modification of the Yak-28L, the second generation of jet aircraft - one of the most unusual monuments of Barnaul. This is a rare exhibit - one of 111 copies of a combat vehicle with a high-precision long-range guidance system "Lotos", produced in the USSR since 1960. They were used in military aviation, but were not officially accepted for service and did not take part in hostilities. The monument on Komsomolsky Prospect perpetuated the specifics of the Barnaul Higher Military Aviation Pilot School (BVVAUL) - only here in the Soviet Union did the pilots of the Yak-28 be trained. The aircraft was installed opposite the school’s façade for the tenth anniversary of its first graduation in the days of the city jubilee in August 1980. The status of a monument to this monument of aviation glory received in 1998, a year before the closure of the school (the Barnaul Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is now located on its territory). The idea of ​​raising the fighting machine to the steles in such a way as to create the feeling of flight was embodied by a group of colonel-engineers. The author of the project was ND Salnikov, the calculation of the foundation was done by Yu. M. Cherepenin, the installation of the aircraft was supervised by Ya. E. Mayher. Steles supporting the bomber were manufactured at the Barnaul shipyard. For an amazing design, huge engines and small swept wings - the Yak-28 was nicknamed “flying fence” in the Air Force. Without armament, with ignition of the afterburner, this car gained altitude almost vertically.
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