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Алтайский край, Барнаул, Площадь Победы Алтайский край, Барнаул, Площадь Победы
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On May 9, 1971, the Glory Memorial was opened on the square where during the war years Barnaulians went to the front. It was created according to the projects of the honored artist, architect Peter Mironov and the monumental painter Vladimir Dobrovolsky. The memorial includes 4 architectural structures. The first thematic center is the sculptural group “Farewell” and a stele on a granite pedestal. The height of the stele is 24 meters; it is carved out of granite at the Kolyvan stone-cutting plant. The sculpture, the figure of a mother and son, is made of bronze at an art casting factory near Moscow. On the same pedestal is a stela. Its granite part personifies a bayonet. The blade of this bayonet is made of bronze with the image of the bas-reliefs "Siberians and the front", "Siberians and the rear." Next is the second part of the monument. Along this platform, slabs were laid on both sides with land of 13 hero cities. The center of the Glory Memorial is a concrete redoubt in the form of a broken ring. On the right side, at the entrance, as a parting word, the words of our countryman - poet Robert Rozhdestvensky are given: “Let us remember all by name ...”. Inside the redoubt - heraldic bas-reliefs of wrought copper, dedicated to 8 branches of service, an eternal flame burns in front of each. The fourth thematic center is the Monument from grateful descendants.
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