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Алтайский край, Барнаул, пр-т Калинина, 2 Алтайский край, Барнаул, пр-т Калинина, 2
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The first in Altai theater for children - the Altai regional theater of the young spectator - opened its first theater season on November 21, 1958 on the stage of the Melange Combine Club. In 2000, the theater was renamed the Youth Theater of Altai. From 2003 to 2013, the artistic director of the theater was Valery Sergeevich Zolotukhin, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. In 2006 and 2008, the theater, together with the Altai State Academy of Culture and Arts, recruited target acting courses for the Youth Theater under the supervision of V.S. Zolotukhin. Now its graduates are the backbone of the theater troupe. On June 21, 2011, the theater building was solemnly opened - the restored premises of the former recreation center of the Melange Combine in October Square. The opening of the theater was held on the day of the 70th anniversary of the artistic director Valery Zolotukhin. Altai Youth Theater has a great festival practice. Over the past decade, he has been a participant and winner of many international and Russian festivals. In the theater there are the Big and Chamber scenes. The capacity of the Big auditorium of the theater is 465 seats. Chamber stage is designed for 156 seats. The total composition of the troupe today is 40 artists, among them 4 honored artists of the Russian Federation.
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Anonymous (Юлия) 6 months ago
Это очень интересное и стоящее место которое мы вместе с детьми посещяем постоянно . Золотухин вдохнул в театр новую жизнь . Там очень интересные ставят спектакли . Советую посетить это место . Вы точно не пожалеете !!
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