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Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, ул. Анатолия, 136а Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, ул. Анатолия, 136а
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Barnaul has one of the oldest meteorological stations in Russia and the second in Asia. For the first time, the famous German scientist and researcher Alexander von Humboldt, who visited Barnaul in 1829 during his trip to Asia, initiated the organization of regular weather observations in Siberia. To the advice of the scientist listened. In 1834, Emperor Nicholas I established meteorological observations in several cities of Russia, including Barnaul, by his highest permission. In 1837, designed by architect Ya.N. Popov in the city was built meteorological station. It was located on an artificial hill in the 1st Prudsky Lane (now Lane Radishcheva) at the intersection with the street. Pavlovskaya (Anatolia). Thanks to the tower, it dominated the surrounding buildings. The following year, the station began its work. It was part of a large observation network, and the data obtained with its help were sent to many universities in the world. It is the only station in Siberia that conducts continuous meteorological observations from 1838 to the mid-20th century, inclusive.
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