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Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, пл. Победы, 1 Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, пл. Победы, 1
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The cinema building appeared on Privokzalnaya Square in 1971. It was erected according to the standard design, modified by the architect G. G. Protopopov. Mir was the first wide-screen movie theater in the region and for a long time was the leader in the size of the hall - it had 1,200 seats. As Mikhail Kayzer, the oldest filmmaker of the region, recalls, the premiere film “Director” about the history of the creation of the first Soviet automobile turned the cinema for half a year, and every day at the cash registers lined up. In parallel with the film screenings in the foyer of the “World” they organized exhibitions, held meetings with famous Soviet film actors and participants of regional festivals on the stage. In 2002, the new tenants of Mira changed its internal layout. There was almost a third less space for spectators - now there are only 940 of them, but the stage in front of the screen was enlarged, the dressing rooms for the speakers were made, and the aisles were widened. An American screen appeared in the cinema, new sound equipment, a warm floor, soft seats, and sofas in the VIP-zone. On the days of city holidays, the podium on the steps of the cinema and the adjacent area of ​​the boulevard is used for staging bright shows, competitions and flash mobs.
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