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Алтайский край, г Барнаул, Центральный р-н, Змеиногорский тракт Алтайский край, г Барнаул, Центральный р-н, Змеиногорский тракт
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State Scientific Institution Research Institute of Horticulture of Siberia named after MA. Lisavenko, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, was founded in 1973. For tourists, research institutes, and simply, the Barnaul Arboretum is interesting with beautiful views, especially in golden autumn. It offers views of the Ob River. But the trip to the arboretum should not be limited only to contemplation. To discover the world of truly tamed and transformed plants, you need a guide. He will tell how what is called, and what story each tree or shrub keeps. The organizer and permanent leader of the station until 1967 was Academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor MA. Lisavenko. Institute breeders created 390 varieties of fruit and berry crops, 61 - flower. The grades of the Institute are protected by 24 patents of the Russian Federation and 292 copyright certificates. Scientists successfully removed winter-hardy varieties that would ripen at various times, were tasty, like the best representatives of their fruit and berry relatives. They made sea buckthorn large, sweet and weakly bruised, introduced aronia into gardening, made varieties of local raspberries popular and much, much more.
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