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Тульская обл, г. Тула Тульская обл, г. Тула
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The well-known beach on the Voronok River is equipped with parking, special garbage containers, a “paddling pool” for children, changing cabins and a public toilet. Back in 2010 there was nothing of this, and at times the presence of garbage in the territory was depressing. But it is worth noting quite good changes for the better. The water here is clear, you can hide from the scorching sun in the shade of the trees, and the entrance to the river and the very bottom are sandy (although it would be more honest to clarify that the bottom of this reservoir is silty). In addition to this, the Funnel is popular with fishermen due to the diversity of species of fish found. You can get to the beach on routes №114 and №117, driving to the stop. “Yasnaya Polyana”, to Gantry notch. On a private car you need to go through the village of Skuratovo or along the Orlovskoye Highway to Kozlovsky Zaseku and Matveyevskiye Dachi.
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