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Россия, Владимир, ул. Малые Ременники, 11а Россия, Владимир, ул. Малые Ременники, 11а
+7 492 252-41-71 +7 492 252-41-71
+7 999 776-41-71 +7 999 776-41-71
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BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE are successful, self-confident, noteworthy people. Be beautiful, and we will be happy to help you with this pleasant event. HAIRDRESSER'S HALL - Experienced masters perform all types of top-level hairdressing. We are happy to find the perfect image for you, take care of the condition and health of your hair. In the salon we use only high-quality products of leading cosmetic brands, we will help you to choose an individual home care for your hair. We work every day, and we try to make the stay in the cabin as comfortable as possible, the result of the work of the masters only pleased! We are very pleased to see the joy and smiles on your faces! NAIL SERVICE - We are glad to offer you high-quality hand and foot care. All types of manicure and pedicure (European, classical, hardware, combined and Brazilian) Medical treatment, alignment of the nail plate, strengthening, design. The coverage is guaranteed! The entire instrument undergoes a thorough sterilization process, disposable products are used in the work, we care about the health and good mood of customers. SOLARIUM, TANNING - Powerful vertical turbo-solarium (45lamp) with a mirrored floor, will provide a quick, even tan. Free for each tanning session a set is issued (stikini, cap, rug). We are glad to offer you a tanning cream: with activator or bronzer, with oils, with a tingle effect, cooling, with a flicker effect, after tanning.
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