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Тула, Белкина, 6Б Тула, Белкина, 6Б
+7 487 279-09-22 +7 487 279-09-22
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In the Indian beauty salon "TARA" you will be able to feel the impact that Ayurveda has on the human body. Amazing atmosphere: sunbeds from healing wood, vessels with oils, steam bath “mixed”, light relaxation music and relaxation - all this contributes to the achievement of amazing results. Our specialists will be able to develop an individual relaxation program for you, taking into account all your needs and wishes. The Indian salon Tula is truly a wonderful oasis among the noisy and bustling city. We offer our customers only the most beneficial for the health and beauty of the body spa procedures prices, which are quite attractive. Our team employs highly skilled craftsmen who regularly improve their skills and confirm them with certificates and diplomas. If you are tired of the gray days and want to relax, then you have come to the right address. All those who wish to relax with quality and benefit, our spa salon offers Tula relaxation procedures. Head treatment is a unique opportunity to relieve tension, relax and even get rid of insomnia. A bouquet of aromas of herbs, nutrients and moisturizing properties of the oils will give your skin youth, elasticity and radiance. The procedure for the head is useful not only for the skin of the face, but also for the hair and scalp. Such procedures can strengthen your hair, make it more healthy and strong. For the beauty of your body in the catalog of services of our spa salon there is an oil procedure for the body. Such procedures give incredible sensations, nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals, remove toxins and thereby cleanse the body. Due to the fact that the oil procedure for the body consists of fragrant oils, it is possible to achieve a different effect not only for the body, but also the nervous system. The smell of oil compositions can not only relieve fatigue, but also stress. All used oils are selected strictly for each client individually, taking into account the wishes and the required results.
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