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Россия, Владимир, ул. Суздальская, 11 Россия, Владимир, ул. Суздальская, 11
+7 492 233-38-98 +7 492 233-38-98
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Beauty Studio "TISSO" - is a salon with many years of experience in the service sector. We opened our doors on September 13, 2004 in Vladimir, and for more than 10 years we have not been tired of delighting you with new products in the fashion and beauty industry. The mission of our company is creativity. Art Perfection of Style and Image. The most important task that is set for the masters is to hear the client, read his desire somewhere in the subconscious and make it real, namely, make him happy. After all, a master who has creative potential is an inexhaustible storehouse of ideas, which means you will always be great. Every specialist of the TISSO beauty studio in Vladimir is not only a professional, but also a creative person, ready for the specifics of such work. Professional development, visiting exhibitions, cooperation with leading masters of the international level, equipping a beauty salon with the latest equipment - all this gives us great opportunities to create a new individual style for our clients. In 2015, our salon passed a special assessment of working conditions. That is why we have an amazing soft and comfortable atmosphere. The salon presents the services of male and female hairdressing salon, a master of children's haircuts, nail service, massage and SPA procedures. Beauty Studio "TISSO" - New facets of your image!
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