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Псковская обл., Бежаницкий район, пос. Бежаницы Псковская обл., Бежаницкий район, пос. Бежаницы
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In terms of the abundance of types and diversity of high bogs, as well as in their area, the Polistovsky Reserve has no equal not only in North-West Russia, but throughout Europe. The unique ecosystems of the reserve have preserved populations of a number of rare plant and animal species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. It is home to the largest local population of the Great Curlew known in the forest zone of Europe. The southern golden plover, middle curlew and gray shrike are common in the nesting area. The swamp system is the largest natural reserve of some endangered species of birds in North-West Russia: the European black-throated loon, the golden eagle, the Central Russian white partridge. The keepers of the reserve will be happy to tell the guests about the history of its formation, what role the Valdai glacier played in this, as well as about the richest animal and plant world of the local marshes.
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