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Амурская обл., г. Благовещенск, п. Чигири Амурская обл., г. Благовещенск, п. Чигири
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Chigirinskoe reservoir is located near Blagoveshchensk, near the village of Chigiri. This is an artificial reservoir, created in 1974 on the river Chigiri by building a dam. The reservoir is a popular holiday destination, in the summer the beach is open here. In June 2015, a wakepark was opened on the basis of the Chigirinsky reservoir. Wakeboarding is a modern water sport that combines elements of snowboard, skate, surf and water ski along with acrobatics. The difference between wakeboarding and other water-skiing disciplines is the use of an athlete for gliding on water a specialized snowboard-like board with bindings - a wakeboard that can be towed by a boat or a cable-reverse road at a speed of about 30-40 kilometers per hour. The park organizers decided to stay at the second, more budget and affordable option for athletes of different levels of training.
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