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Краснодарский край, г. Сочи, ул. 50 лет СССР, 28 Краснодарский край, г. Сочи, ул. 50 лет СССР, 28
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On March 15, 1995, the Resolution of the administration of the Khostinsky district of the city of Sochi “On the reconstruction of the museum of history of the Khostinsky district of the city of Sochi” was issued. The first exposition in the museum was opened on May 1, 1995 and was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The museum building, the former People’s House, is a historical monument of regional importance and is listed in the register of historical and cultural heritage of the Krasnodar Territory. In 1914, at the initiative of the local Charity Society, in which Maria Grigorievna Shcheglovitova, the wife of the Minister of Justice, who led this society, actively participated, the People’s House was built with an equipped stage, where performing arts and touring artists staged plays and gave concerts. After the end of the civil war, the building of the People’s House in Khost was nationalized and a club was placed in it. Here in 1929 a Russian Soviet poet, one of the founders of Russian futurism, spoke, its leader - V.V. Mayakovsky, who visited Sochi in the summer of 1929 with a series of evenings –dispers. The museum consists of three exhibition halls (more than 300 square meters). The largest of them is occupied by the permanent exhibition “Khosta from ancient times to modern times”. The second small hall tells about the Great Patriotic War. The most valuable are the collections of documents and objects reflecting the history of the Sochi Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy, the balneological complex Matsesta, the Sochi bioclimatic station, and a collection of dishes with logos of health resorts. Over the course of the year, exhibitions of various themes are exhibited in the third hall, where unique collections of ethnography and cultures of the peoples of the Caucasus, including the Cossacks of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, are exhibited.
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