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Адлер, Курортный городок, ул. Ленина, д. 219/2 Адлер, Курортный городок, ул. Ленина, д. 219/2
+7 862 246-33-03 +7 862 246-33-03
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Dolphinarium "Aquatoria" is located in one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea coast. It can be called a tourist attraction of two resort cities: Sochi and Adler. Dolphinarium opened in 1998. And since then has become a favorite vacation spot for tourists and locals. For 13 years, over two million people have visited the dolphinarium. At the same time in the dolphinarium can fit 1050 people. Performances of unique marine animals will not leave anyone indifferent. Public favorites: famous white whales, northern fur seals, heavy sea lion, Pacific walruses, South American sea lions and naughty bottlenose dolphins. The most complicated tricks that they perform in a water show are fascinating and fascinating. The public opens up completely new, amazing abilities of marine mammals. For example, a sea lion, whose weight is almost a ton, shakes in water with its plasticity, speed and agility. And the Black Sea bottlenose dolphins turn out to be great artists. Pictures painted by them are in great demand among dolphinarium guests. Entertaining programs of the dolphinarium are constantly updated. Anyone can take a closer look at the artists and take pictures with them. Sochi Dolphinarium "Aquatoria" is open to visitors all year round.
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Anonymous (247natalyas) 5 months ago
Хороший дельфинарий!!! Представления проходят 2 раза в день, длятся около часа. Можно поплавать с дельфинами за 1500 (берите купальник!), а также сфотографироваться за 600 рублей на свой или местный фотоаппарат))) Расположение удобное, можно посетить океанариум и парк динозавров, которые находятся рядом)))
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