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Краснодарский край, Сочи, Адлер, Курортный городок, ул. Ленина, д. 219/4 Краснодарский край, Сочи, Адлер, Курортный городок, ул. Ленина, д. 219/4
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The exposition of the Sochi Aquarium has no analogues in Russia and is able to compete with the best oceanariums in the world. On the territory of 6000 square meters there are 30 aquariums, with a total volume of 5 million liters of water. It is home to about 4 thousand fish, representing more than 200 marine and freshwater species. The oceanarium is equipped with an acrylic window of 24 square meters and an acrylic tunnel 44 meters long. They create a sense of presence and a sense of contact with marine life. The first exhibition is devoted to ancient species of fish. Goldfish in four connecting aquariums shake its brightness and beauty. In open aquariums, carp "koi" fly around and slowly float massive arovan, pacu and other representatives of freshwater depths. One of the features of this zone is a picturesque waterfall, which can be seen from the bridge, which runs through the reservoir. The exposition of the transitional “period of the most ancient sea”, where the atmosphere of time is created with the help of thematic frescoes and three-dimensional models, presents labyrinth fishes and piranhas. The exposition is completed with aquariums inhabited by rare species of fish, including Chinese paddlefish and sturgeon. Down the stairs from the freshwater world you plunge into the world of the ocean. The combination of two aquariums, representing a coastal beach and cliffs, demonstrates the diversity of marine life: moray eels, eels and wrasses, from dangerous and poisonous fish, cute seahorses, jellyfish and live corals. The most impressive and unforgettable part of the exhibition is a walk inside a transparent acrylic tunnel under the water, where representatives of the deep sea living in South America live in their serene life. In the course of movement in the tunnel, a rocky reef suddenly appears, followed by a grotto with a sunken ship, inside which mermaids swim. The lagoon completed by stingrays and small marine representatives, as well as an open aquarium, where the inhabitants of the coastal zone are represented, completes the journey around the aquarium.
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Anonymous (Lu4iya) 5 months ago
Сам океанариум не плохой. Но входной билет слишком дорогой, для такого количества рыб. 800 рублей взрослый, дети с 5 лет 500 рублей. На сайте у них неверная информация по ценам. Персонал оставляет желать лучшего, мало доброжелательных. Автоматы в холле не работают, все время что-то ломалось. Посещение занимает максимум 30 минут. Второй раз не пошли бы.
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