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Car wash

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Россия, Владивосток, ул. Космонавтов, 4 Россия, Владивосток, ул. Космонавтов, 4
+7 423 291-30-30 +7 423 291-30-30
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Working hours:
MON 24 Hours
TUE 24 Hours
WED 24 Hours
THU 24 Hours
FRI 24 Hours
SAT 24 Hours
SUN 24 Hours
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A clean and radiant car is not only evidence of the well-being and level of wealth of its owner, but is often part of the citizen’s mind using the car for daily trips around the city. The beauty of the car is not just a set of characteristics of the make and model of a particular car, a good choice of color, design of disks and body kits. The beauty of the car is primarily the result of sometimes the daily care of the owner of his vehicle. Care for the integrity of body parts, the transparency of glass and plastic headlights and lamps, the condition of the paintwork (LCP).
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