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Car wash

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Россия, Владимир, ул. Лакина, 4 Россия, Владимир, ул. Лакина, 4
+7 920 901-62-67 +7 920 901-62-67
+7 920 928-88-22 +7 920 928-88-22
+7 920 918-69-26 +7 920 918-69-26
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Deteyling studio "Aquatune" is a place where your car is transformed to a new state. Our experts will bring the state of the body, interior, as well as the internal cavities of your car to its original condition. Since 2013, we have gained tremendous experience in working with both low-cost and unique premium cars. Removing scratches, protecting the paintwork with nano-agents, repairing and restoring interior leather, professional dry-cleaning, as well as cleaning the air conditioning system - all this will give your car a good condition as it did with the purchase. At the moment, we have significantly updated and expanded the service area, so that we can simultaneously work with eight cars. 10-12 people work at the facility at the same time, which allows to avoid waiting lists for maintenance. For your convenience, we have made an excellent customer room, bathroom and so on. We have a lot of light, nice atmosphere, good approach, responsible work. Waiting for you!
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