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Car wash

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Тула, Кутузова, 38а Тула, Кутузова, 38а
+7 960 598-38-28 +7 960 598-38-28
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The modern and dynamically changing world begins to enter the so-called ERA SPA. This is the basis of modern style, a consequence of the natural desire to preserve health and beauty. We do not lag behind and strive to keep up with this wonderful time. First and foremost, we believe that the SPA as a special world view is projected onto all spheres of modern life. Based on this conclusion, a full-fledged AUTO-SPA complex was created. The modern pace of life, fashion trends and just the desire to look decent in decent cars push car owners not only to the fact that the car wash was the same regular procedure for a car as brushing teeth for its owner. Our car SPA center, the first to offer a full range of car care services, is not only a manual and contactless car wash, but also a pre-sale preparation (glossing according to all the rules), performing protective body polishing, washing the engine, soft but thorough dry cleaning salon, complex car wash, as well as a whole range of newfangled and very popular services today. Among the latter, I would like to highlight: nano-processing of the car, the service "anti-rain."
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