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Car wash

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Тула, Октябрьская, 301а Тула, Октябрьская, 301а
+7 487 225-72-57 +7 487 225-72-57
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Working hours:
MON 24 Hours
TUE 24 Hours
WED 24 Hours
THU 24 Hours
FRI 24 Hours
SAT 24 Hours
SUN 24 Hours
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For car wash, we use only the highest quality detergents, they not only wash, but also protect your car. We use only safe means for human health and the most advanced technologies in dry cleaning. Many have already appreciated the quality of washing and recommend us to friends. Our car wash specialists are well aware of their work and possess the technique of applying various coatings, which not only add shine to your car, but also protect it from various impacts during operation. We are ready to clean your cabin from dust and dirt, making the car interior cleaner and fresher.
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