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Кристалл, Красноярск, Мате Залки, 10г Кристалл, Красноярск, Мате Залки, 10г
+7 391 296-07-03 +7 391 296-07-03
http://Организация во Вконтакте
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Children will love that on our playground you can: • play and have fun with friends: a large two-story maze with a slide and a dry pool, an inflatable trampoline, a generator of soap bubbles, incendiary children's songs; • meet the heroes of your favorite fairy tales: in our catalog there are many animators and interesting show programs; • light candles and make a wish. There is a cozy banquet area with comfortable sofas, a microwave, a kettle and a cooler. A treat can bring with you. Parents will like that: • we have a lot of windows; • a lot of light and air; • clean and comfortable. The design of the site is bright and colorful, allows you to make beautiful photos. At the time of the holiday in the game store will be only your company. It is doubly convenient to celebrate a birthday in the game store, since these are vivid impressions for the child and the order in your apartment!
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