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Тула, Советская, 96 Тула, Советская, 96
+7 487 231-12-98 +7 487 231-12-98
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The opening of the new circus was held on September 3, 1963. In a solemn atmosphere, the builders handed the director of the circus the keys to this unique building. As a token of gratitude, those who presented this wonderful palace to the countrymen were the first spectators here. Like this. After a 15-year lull in Tula, the first season of the new circus began. Not only Tula, but also residents of other cities, villages and villages of the region enjoyed this event. And not only they. Fans of circus art began to come here from neighboring areas: Orel, Kaluga and even Moscow, from the city of Serpukhov. The circus has gained popularity not only by the scale of the structure, the beauty of the decoration and many amenities, but mainly by its amazingly beautiful performances. Confirmation of this - sold out the auditorium at each performance. Many outstanding circus masters, famous clowns visited “Pencil” - Mikhail Nikolayevich Rumyantsev, Yuri Nikulin and his regular partner Mikhail Shuidin, Oleg Popov, Andrei Nikolaev. Three times the magnificent illusion attraction of Kio, the attraction of Mstislav Zapashny "The Trained Tigers", the acrobatic group of Alexander Bondarev and other famous artists came to us.
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