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The Acropolis of Athens is an extremely valuable monument of architecture. It is believed that the building of the hill on which it is located began a long time ago: already in the archaic period (650 - 480 BC) in the History of Greece, ancient temples and buildings were located on the hill, and in III century BC e. The Acropolis basically served as a refuge for local residents from the raids of strangers. Once the Acropolis was decorated with many beautiful sculptures, but the structure itself, and the sculptures were not spared either by people, or time, or natural disasters. This extraordinary architectural monument was badly damaged by a human hand: for example, in 1827 Turkish shell was damaged, and the destruction was increased by an earthquake in 1894. In addition, over time, both marble and other materials used in construction fade, lose their qualities, and collapse. The Greek government subjected the buildings to restoration several times, which now makes it possible to see many things as they were centuries and millennia ago. Also were made copies of sculptures that filled and recreated the beauty and grandeur that was in the Acropolis in ancient times. The original statues, sculptures, as well as the reliefs of the Acropolis are kept in museums - including the British Museum, the Louvre and the Acropolis Museum.
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