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респ Крым, г Ялта, г Алупка, ул Дворцовое шоссе, д 9 респ Крым, г Ялта, г Алупка, ул Дворцовое шоссе, д 9
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The construction of the basement near the palace was completed by 1834. Vinpodval “Alupka” as a part of the Livadia State Farm until 1962 worked as a primary wine-making plant, and after that up to the present, as an aging shop for high-quality vintage wines of the main Massandra plant. In 1974, on the basis of the oldest Vorontsovsky basement, the construction of a production and demonstration complex for 400 seats began. In the construction of the complex, both local finishing materials (Kerch tile, Almina stone) and imported (pink tuff) were used. In a beautiful white building, built in oriental style, there are 5 halls, which receive visitors all year round. Now, apart from a detailed tasting, including brilliant representatives of all types of wines, the guests of the complex will learn the peculiarities of production, the history of the creation of these fine drinks. Here, visitors are also shown the classic exposure of Madeira in an open sunny area and impressive oak oak bottles. The famous “royal” port wines are aged in them, once such wines were drunk by Alexander III and Nikolai II, and to this day PJSC Massandra continues the tradition of producing these wines. By prior arrangement, organize tastings with translation into English and sign language. All tastings are not simple guides, and certified winemakers, so the knowledge gained here will turn into an invaluable experience for wine lovers and for ordinary consumers. Such extended tastings allow people to join the mystery of creating noble drinks, foster respect for wine as a result of hard work.
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