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Греция, Athina, Leof. Vasilissis Sofias, Греция, Athina, Leof. Vasilissis Sofias,
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The history of the Palace of Music began in 1961 with such performers as soprano Alexandra Triandi, Lambros Eftaxias, Dmitris Mitropoulos and Christos Lambrakis. The creation of the theater was supported by all representatives of the Greek government over the past 25 years in collaboration with a private initiative. In 1991, the Concert Hall opened its doors to the public. It should be noted that the National Bank, Intracom, EFG Eurobank, the organization Interamerican, Altec and ΔΟΛ, which have consistently supported the Palace of Music for many years, played a major role in financing the theater. This complex project is supported by both individuals and the Greek government and the European Union. In the Palace there are several rooms for performances and a banquet hall. The first hall, the Hall of Music Lovers, seats 1.961 people and is used for concerts. In the hall is the largest organ of Greece with 6.080 lumens, made by the German company Klais Orgelbau. The second hall "Dimitris Mitropoulos" is designed for 494 people and is usually used for chamber music and dance concerts. In 2004, the International Conference Center opened in the concert hall, with the "Alexander Triandis" hall, which houses 1,750 opera, ballet and other fans. The 400-seat Nikos Skalkotas hall, which is used for conferences and small concerts, was also opened. In addition, a huge music library was created by Lilian Vuduri, which currently has a collection of 80,000 books and multimedia files.
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