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Хургада Хургада
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You should not expect any special beauties from this old shabby area, but everything in it reminds that the now famous resort of Hurghada was once an ordinary fishing village. This place looks like a huge oriental bazaar (it is believed that here is the most profitable souvenir shopping), from which it is not so easy to get out - especially without shopping. Fruit and vegetable markets are especially good here - a pound of large selected strawberries will cost a maximum of one dollar. Dahar is told a lot of blood-chilling stories from the series “It’s better not to go for blondes here, otherwise they’ll steal in two bills, put them on a camel, marry and put on a veil,” although for some reason no one can remember a single real case. Therefore, the only thing to be afraid of here is taxi drivers, who fight three skins for a trip from Sakkala to Dahar and require 35 pounds, instead of the prescribed 10. Do not forget to bargain!
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