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Греция, Athina, Leof. Andrea Siggrou, Греция, Athina, Leof. Andrea Siggrou,
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The construction of the most impressive structure of the ancient world - the famous temple of Olympian Zeus - began long before our era on the initiative of the then ruler of Athens, the tyrant Peisistratus. Vladyka’s plans were truly ambitious: a new gigantic structure would certainly overshadow all the wonders of the world that existed at that time, in particular, the unsurpassed temple of Artemis. In general, the Peisistrat dream subsequently came true, except that it was not during his lifetime. In society, the idea of ​​building the largest temple in the world was not appreciated, considering it just an act of arrogance. And ordinary Greeks saw in the temple only an obvious monument to tyranny. But meanwhile, the sanctity of the temple could not be denied, because it was erected on the site of the more ancient sanctuary of Deucalion, Noah's prototype in Greek mythology. Because the construction of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, though intermittently, but continued. The project was completed by the famous glorifier of Greek culture - Emperor Hadrian. With his light hand, the Athenian Agora acquired not one original masterpiece of architecture. But time has turned merciless. The Temple of Olympian Zeus existed for only three centuries (against six centuries of construction work), before it was thoroughly destroyed by an earthquake. To date, from the once great temple only ruins survived, however, very impressive. The angle of the room, consisting of fourteen columns, is clearly visible. Another column is a little distance, and the last - the sixteenth - is filled up. In the original, the temple of Zeus the Olympian consisted of more than a hundred and seventeen 17-meter-tall Corinthian columns arranged in several rows around the perimeter of the building. Little is known about the interior of the temple. It is believed that almost the entire area of ​​the hall occupied a giant statue of the god Zeus, made of ivory and pure gold. Legend has it that once Julius Caesar himself desired to transport a gigantic sculpture to Rome, to which the statue only laughed with rolling thunder. In addition to the famous sculpture, the hall of the Temple of Olympian Zeus was decorated with a no less impressive statue of the emperor Hadrian.
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