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респ Крым, г Ялта, г Алупка, ул Дворцовое шоссе респ Крым, г Ялта, г Алупка, ул Дворцовое шоссе
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The lion's terrace appeared in 1848, when sculptures of lions were added to the central staircase of the Vorontsov Palace. The creator of the sculptures of Carrara marble is considered to be Giovanni Bonanni, although his hand belongs only to the creation of a sleeping lion, the rest - the work of his students. There are three pairs of lions in total: at the bottom there are sleeping and awakening, in the middle - two awake, and at the very top are two growling ones. Realistic sculptures first illustrate animals in a state of rest, they gradually awaken, and from peacefully sleeping animals turn into real Kings of beasts. Powerful and invincible, as if issuing a piercing growl, they are the guardians of the palace.
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