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Святыни и храмы

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Турция, Fatih, Divan Yolu Cd., Турция, Fatih, Divan Yolu Cd.,
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The compact, if not to say elegant, building of the Firuz Aga mosque is made in the architectural style that got its start in the city of Bursa. A simple and modest, single-domed mosque vividly reflects the minimalist style of Ottoman architecture, so common almost throughout Turkey. A square and relatively high structure was certainly crowned with a stone octagonal base for the dome, covered with lead plates during construction. The dome is crowned by a low spire and a crescent, brightly reflecting the rays of the sun. A minaret with one balcony is attached close to the wall of the Firuz Aga mosque. The entire structure is made of well-hewn stone and it is possible that the former buildings of Constantinople served as materials for the construction, for the Firuz Aga mosque was erected only forty years after the fall of the Second Rome. Inside the Firuz Aga mosque, above all, are striking arches with awnings, which gradually pass into the hemisphere of the dome. This architectural technique is also a clear confirmation of the early and already classical style of Ottoman architecture. The walls of the Firuz Aga mosque are hand-painted; this exquisite work is attributed to the calligrapher Sheikh Hamdulla Efendi. The wooden door to the mosque is very narrow and presents fine work in the best traditions of the Ottoman religious culture. The construction of the Firuz Aga mosque in 1491 by Istanbul is obliged to Firuz Aga, who was the chief treasurer in the distant times of the reign of Sultan Bayazid II. It is said that on the site of the mosque in the times of Byzantium, a mighty oak tree grew. After his death, Firuz Aga was buried in the tomb tentatively in 1512. This small building was located in the garden of the mosque, next to the fountains and a small pool. Nearby the Firuz Aga mosque there were buildings of large stores, a stable, a large area and a garden, which later became known as Binbirdirek. This territory was rebuilt in 1865, and the sarcophagus of the late vizier was transferred to the walls of the Firuz Aga mosque.
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Bobo Vieri 4 months ago
Приезжали на футбол, но сутки провели в городе изучая достопримечательности. Не смотря на минимализм, мечеть потрясает правильными линиями и своей четкостью деталей. Реальный шедевр того времени, очень красивая.
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Tina Soli 4 months ago
В Станбуле мы с мужем были проездом. Так как муж - мусульманин, то он захотел посмотреть мечеть Фируз Ага. Очень были потрясены красотой этой мечети как снаружи, так и изнутри.
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