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Святыни и храмы

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Греция, Athina, Pl. Monastirakiou, Греция, Athina, Pl. Monastirakiou,
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In the very center of Athens, in the oldest district of the city of Plaka, on the Monastyraki Square is located the Cisdaraki Mosque. This is an Ottoman mosque of the 18th century, today functioning as a museum. In the mid-18th century, Mustafa Zisdaraki was the governor of Athens, he built this mosque in 1759 (as stated on the inscription on the mosque). The Athenians considered the mosque a cursed place and blamed for the outbreak of famine. The reason for this was General Zisdaraki. He used to build a mosque several columns from the Temple of Olympian Zeus, obtained by the barbaric method. Since he did this without the permission of the Sultan, he was fined and expelled from the post of governor. After the start of the Greek Revolution in 1821, the minaret of the mosque was destroyed. After independence, the mosque building was transferred to the army. In those years, the mosque was used as a prison, barracks and warehouse. In 1915, the mosque was restored in its original form. In 1918, it housed the “Museum of Greek Handicraft”, renamed the National Museum of Decorative Arts in 1923. In 1959, the museum was again renamed the "Museum of Greek Folk Art." In 1973, the main collection and the main funds of the museum were transferred to a new building located in the oldest district of Athens, Plaka, Kidatineon Street. In the mosque of Tsisdaraki there is a branch of the museum, which presents a collection of pottery folk art of Kiriazopoulos.
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