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Святыни и храмы

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Греция, Chaidari, Leof. Athinon, 9178 Греция, Chaidari, Leof. Athinon, 9178
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Daphne is an ancient Byzantine monastery on Mount Athos, located eleven kilometers north-west of Athens. It was founded in the 6th century on the site of the pagan sanctuary of Apollo, built by Queen Dafna and ravaged by the Goths in 395. Here the ancient myths, classical and Byzantine periods of Athenian history intertwined unusually brightly. In addition to the version of Queen Daphne, there is a myth that, on this very spot, the nymph Daphne, fleeing Apollo, who had inflamed her with love, turned into a bay bush. The monastery's cross-domed temple is one of the best preserved examples of Middle-Byzantine architecture (in 1990, it was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site). In its present form, the temple was opened to tourists in 2008. The monastery is famous for its amazing Byzantine mosaics of the XI-XII centuries. The colors of the mosaics are clean, juicy and tender, in the choice of plots there is a tendency to depict quiet home scenes. Over this Byzantine splendor reigns the domed image of the Savior Almighty. The monastery is protected by towers and quadrangle of the fortress walls. To the south of the main temple there is a quadrangular courtyard with arches, a cell complex and ancillary facilities.
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Ильдар Рахматулин 4 months ago
проходя по этим местам , вдыхая воздух истории , начинаешь ощущать само прошлое , хорошее место спасибо GoodPlacesTravel
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