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набережная Адмиралтейского Канала, 2. Часы работы: Пн-Чт: с 11:00 до 22:00 Пт-Вс: с 11:00 до 23:00. Вход - бесплатный набережная Адмиралтейского Канала, 2. Часы работы: Пн-Чт: с 11:00 до 22:00 Пт-Вс: с 11:00 до 23:00. Вход - бесплатный
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The complex of buildings of New Holland, which is located on an artificial island between Kryukov, the Admiralty Canals and the Moika River, is considered to be the same age as the city. It appeared in 1717, when the canal works were completed. There are several versions of the origin of the name of the island. According to one of them, Peter I invited the Dutch shipbuilders to work in the shipyards of the left bank of the Neva, so the area was called Holland (the atmosphere resembled a European port), and the new island was New Holland. According to another, on the island, on the orders of Peter the Great, a wooden house was built, in which the king rested while visiting the nearby Galerny court. The surrounding area reminded him of Holland, so the royal house was called the Dutch house, and the island - New Holland. Finally, the island was formed after the death of Peter I. By the 30s of the 18th century, then New Holland had already been transferred to the Maritime Collegium and was a closed area for many years. It was here that the first wooden barns for storage of ship woods, built by architect Ivan Korobov, appeared. The construction of seven warehouse buildings around the perimeter of the island, in which the forest was kept, went from 1732 to 1738. At the initiative of Dmitri Mendeleev and Admiral Makarov, a research center with a unique indoor pool began working in New Holland to work with models of ships. Here, Mendeleev worked with various types of gunpowder in a special laboratory at the Navy Department. The “Experimental Pool” became the first research center in Russia to test ship models. Here, under the guidance of engineer A. Grekhnev, the battleship "Poltava" and the cruiser "Russia" were tested. On March 8, 1894, the “Pool” was examined by Emperor Alexander III, since this date is considered to be the time of the founding of the Central Research Institute named after Academician A.N. Krylov. As early as 1897, tests of the Oslyabya squadron battleship models were completed. The fire at the beginning of the twentieth century seriously damaged the warehouse of the island, but soon the systems were rebuilt and improved with metal structures. At the same time on the territory of New Holland, a radio station appeared that kept in touch with the Baltic and Black Sea fleets. This radio station played a major historical role in the revolutionary events of 1917: from here Vladimir Lenin addressed the fleet with the news that the revolution had come about. During the Great Patriotic War and the blockade of Leningrad, New Holland was severely damaged, the warehouses near the Moika and the Kryukov Canal, the pool and the radio station were damaged.
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